RIP Navid Izadi - Billboard Magazine remembers a legend


Saying our hearts are broken.. is an understatement. We suffer a great loss today. Navid Izadi was one of our closest and dearest friends. He was our little brother. We can't even begin to explain how much this human being meant to us. He was there for the birth of PillowTalk, and helped spawn the music that was to come for years. We fed off each other's energy, and had the sublime privilege of creating some of our favorite music to date with him. He was talented beyond his years. A true artist. Virtuoso. And he was just getting started. He had a mountain of unreleased music. Always creating. Always pushing forward. He was a gentlemen among men. The kindest and most thoughtful person you could meet. We could never say enough good about him. The memories can go on forever it seems. He was pillar of the community. A beacon of light and a role model for how to better yourself. Especially in his latest years. He was at his best. An absolute legend. Our hearts and our love go out to his family and our friends. Our community has suffered a great loss today. He will be remembered..