PULSE RADIO, "The world sucks right now, but PillowTalk's album brings the message we need"

FULL INTERVIEW: https://pulseradio.net/articles/2018/06/pillowtalk-we-never-stop

American band PillowTalk have been bringing real feelings to dance music for years now. 

Early on it was cheeky edits and playful singles on the likes of Crew Love, Wolf + Lamb and Kompakt, then they turned into album specialists who cook up a range of moods and grooves that make a real impact.  They have done that again on their latest album, All People, which is available on iTunes now. It's an album packed withbig-hearted disco-tinged dance tracks, and with a message of equality through peace and political awareness, exemplified by the album's title track. 

We spoke to them about the process of writing the album, how they work together, how they adapt songs for their live show, and much more.