MAGNETIC MAGAZINE EXCLUSIVE: PillowTalk breakdown of new album, "ALL PEOPLE"


Live electronic group PillowTalk have released their new album All People, they give us a breakdown of their new album, providing the back story of how this LP came to be.. It was created over a period of three years along many stops around the globe. It was made in 12 different studios, in 18 different countries, molded on "countless flights" and even managed to visit "no less than four dimensions" during the process. So if this album sounds that far out to you. It is because they went to four of them to get this mind-altering sound. PillowTalk go above and beyond for their fans. 

In honor of All People, we asked PillowTalk to give us a track-by-track breakdown of the album instead of us spitting some word vomit at you about the album. Take it straight from the source. Stream the LP below or pick up a copy here.