April 11th - Creating an Efficient Studio Workflow for Music Production

Creating an Efficient Studio Workflow for Music Production.jpg

A masterclass on "Creating an Efficient Studio Workflow for Music Production", with Michael Tello (PillowTalk Music, MAPA, NYC)

Masterclass: 7-9pm
Open House: 6-7pm

Come early at 6pm for the Open House, and get a tour of our space, speak to our instructors, and learn about our courses.

Whether writing, recording, or mixing music collaboratively, in a band, or alone, having a quick and steady studio workflow is essential. When creativity strikes, capturing the moment and executing without being held back by technical challenges is the job of the Producer, Artist and Engineer. During this two hour class Michael Tello will cover multiple ways to set up your sessions in Ableton by creating a workflow template that will kickstart any session into hyperdrive. He will also discuss using your phone and tablet as an additional tool in writing, mixing and recording. He will show and explain his workflow using Splice as a sample library source and finally how to tune your ear to any room and find inspiration by meditating and listening to your favorite music in the studio before starting any writing, recording or mixing session.

As co-founder and A&R of Touch of Class Records and the new PillowTalk Music imprint, Michael Tello is a man who wears many hats in the music industry. From DJ, artist, producer, live performer, promoter, engineer and teacher, he has undoubtedly carved out a distinguished place for himself amongst his peers in today's electronic dance music community.

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